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Biohacking is all about optimizing human performance, health, and well-being by utilizing science, technology, and a deep understanding of human physiology and nutrition.

Biohacker’s Handbook is the most anticipated health & wellness book of the decade. Authors M.D. Olli Sovijärvi, technology expert Teemu Arina, and nutrition expert Jaakko Halmetoja upgrade the fundamentals of a balanced life: sleep, nutrition, exercise, work, and the mind. What is the 20 % that will lead to 80 % of the results when it comes to optimal well-being?



Biohacker’s Handbook takes the latest research into holistic preventive health and turns it into practical and applicable information in a visual and readable format. This no-nonsense guide to optimal human performance is fully grounded in research. With 544 pages, 1560 references and hundreds of images, Biohacker’s Handbook is the missing manual of the human body and essential addition to the library, work desk, kitchen, gym, suitcase, and bedroom of anyone with a genuine interest in optimal human performance, health, and well-being.


"Weaving in practical knowledge gleaned from the biohacking trenches and combining modern technology with ancestral wisdom of foods, herbs, spices, fitness enhancement and more, their Biohacker's Handbook is an absolutely epic read and a must-have for any true biohacker's library. Whether you're beginner, intermediate or advanced, this massive book contains everything you need to optimize your life."

Ben Greenfield, Top Health & Fitness Podcaster, Speaker & New York Times Bestselling Author of Beyond Training, Boundless, Boundless Cookbook & Boundless Parenting

"This definitive Atlas of Biohacking includes thoroughly researched facts, figures, visualizations, and summaries to protect, fortify and enhance your brain and body for better health and performance. I absolutely love this book!"

Max Lugavere, Filmmaker, Journalist & New York Times Best-selling Author of Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life

“There’s a lot of hype about biohacking, including a lot of crazy and even dangerous practices. Biohacker’s Handbook is different. It’s an encyclopedia of practical, evidence-based strategies you can use to improve your health, optimize your performance, and extend your lifespan. It has earned a place on my bookshelf and I recommend it to my patients.”

Chris Kresser, Founder of Kresser Institute & Co-director and President of California Center for Functional Medicine


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Type: Hardcover

Pages: 544

References: 1560

Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)

Authors: Olli Sovijärvi, Teemu Arina, Jaakko Halmetoja

Layout and illustrations: Lotta Viitaniemi

Publisher: Biohacker Center BHC Inc.

ISBN: 9789527241097 (Hardcover)

E-book format: PDF, ePub and mobi

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