Wild Herb Training – Nature’s Free Supermarket at Your Fingertips

6-part online learning program for everyone interested in deepening their knowledge and skills on wild herbs and edible plants. Learn Why, How, and When to forage, improve your nature connection and upgrade your nutrition.

Wild edible plants are all around us. Many of them are classified as notorious weeds but a closer look at these vigorous plants proves that they are some of the most nutritious plants on the planet. To eat a versatile selection of wild-grown ingredients is just the best possible food for humans and will reward Your palate, gut, mind, and spirit like nothing else. This course will not just inspire you but teach the fundamentals of foraging, and invigorate you with über delicious and biohacker-proof recipes that you just haven’t experienced before.

Nordic countries have never lost the sempiternal heritage of eating ultra seasonal, nutrient-dense wild food. That’s why we have every man’s rights protected with many laws. This unique right is a marvelous example of nature's complimentary gift for your wealth and health.

Chef Sami Tallberg, the wild herb maestro behind this course, has been walking the talk for good 15 years of foraging and 20+ years of cooking in top restaurants, executing wild food events in 20 countries around the globe. He is one of the most well-known Nordic foragers, awarded and celebrated chefs that will take you on the wild side. Enjoy the ride — the ride that will change the rest of Your life.

Sami Tallberg welcomes you to join and  describes what you will learn in this unique online course!

Who is this program for?

Whether you are just entering the world of wild herbs or already have some previous experience, this course will help you to:

• Understand the amazing potential of wild herbs

• Learn how to find edible wild plants near your surroundings

• Learn everyman's rights and their possibilities

• Know where to forage and how to collect plants

• Know how to make most of the edible plants and cook amazing dishes

• Understand seasonality and turn yourself into a wild-herb aficionado

Learn how to make a delicious & nutrient-dense wild herb salad

Which plant species can be used as salad leaves?

  • Dandelion (leaves and flowers)
  • Bilberry (leaves and flowers)
  • Fireweed (leaves and flowers)
  • Nipplewort
  • Orpine
  • Sheep's sorrel
  • Wood sorrel (leaves and flowers)

“World's first comprehensive & hands-on course in wild herbs.”

The natural world of wild herbs offers a vast library and connection to nature to improve the quality of your life and upgrade your health and wellbeing. However, quite often it’s hard to know where to start and what to collect. This course is your systematic guide to wild herbs (how to forage, where and how to use the herbs in cooking). This course will not just inspire you but teach the fundamentals of foraging and invigorate you with extremely delicious recipes that you just haven’t experienced before. If you have searched for a course on wild herbs that is very practical, this is it!

This course will help you to

Save money

Save time

Gain knowledge

Buy fewer groceries & vegetables from the supermarket

Find the right herbs and avoid aimless wandering

Get access to the latest knowledge and traditional recipes

Did you know this?

The history of us humans reveals that we are foragers (the hunter-gatherer type). Therefore, eating the wild is part of human design. Less than a hundred years ago it was crucial for human survival to have the knowledge and the manual skills to store summer harvest to keep it edible throughout harsh Nordic winters. 

Substituting ‘conventional’ herbs or vegetables with their wild counterparts will turn your old favorites into something new, upgrading your sense of taste. Learning to use wild herbs in cooking will introduce completely new flavors and flavor combinations. You are in for endless surprises.

Foraging is very much a journey. It’s a life-changing one, with no return. The more time we spend in nature, admiring its beauty and collecting and experiencing wild herbs, the closer our connection and oneness with nature will become. This connection is at the core of it all.

“Many people remove dandelion leaf stems as they are fairly bitter in taste but, personally, I love them! I believe they are pure, strong medicine.”

– Sami

Photo: Anne Back.

Training schedule


Wild plants: what are they and where to find them? The lost connection. An incredible Wild & Green Supermarket is, in many cases, right on your doorstep. It’s open to everyone.


• Free superfoods with a stress-reduction effect

• Why forage and eat wild?

• What can you learn from Nordic heritage?

• Becoming one with nature

• Grand season opening: birch sap ceremony


Learn where to forage and how to use nature's free supermarket throughout the seasons. Learn everything from roots to seeds, and extend your foraging season to cover half of the year.

• Where to start & go, countryside & city, Sami's season rituals, wild is strong information, and pass on the information.

• Urban & countryside foraging

• Everyman's right & its potential

• Foraging as a sustainable, seasonal act

• Protected species and areas

• Wild seeds, roots, tubers, seedlings


Find out the key plants & herbs that everyone should know about and use in their diet. Sami goes urban foraging and shows you exactly how to collect and identify herbs


• Introduction to urban foraging

• Salad leaves: which plants, how to use & recipes (7 different plants to use regularly)

• Dandelion 101 [the most important wild herb!]

• Herbs & spices: how to use & collect (6 different plants to use regularly)


Find out the key plants & herbs that everyone should know about and use in their diet. Sami goes urban foraging and shows you exactly how to collect and identify herbs


• Aromatics: hot to use & collect (8 different aromatic plants that you can use regularly!)

• Substantial wild vegetables (the 4 most important wild vegetables for "bulk" use) 

• Medicinals

• Toxic lookalikes: avoid these


Take a wild tour with top foragers and biohackers and learn from their experience, knowledge, and rituals.

• What can every family find in their backyard? 

• Rebuilding your connection with the natural world 

• Rewilding and finding your true nature

• Medicinal herbalism

• Conclusion of the course!


How to turn wild foods into culinary delicacies and make the best food possible. In this section, Sami shows you how to make amazing wild food dishes and shares his secret recipes.


• Wild  herb salads

• Wild pesto

• Gremolata

• Salsa verde

• Fulfilling wild meals & oyster mushrooms

• Vinaigrette & wild herb salt

• Herbal teas





Expert behind the course

Sami Tallberg

Sami Tallberg is an internationally recognized wild food chef with 20+ years of experience in top restaurants and a remarkable amount of published cookbooks. Sami has been in charge of every Upgraded Dinner held for Biohacker Summits from 2015 to 2022.

Tallberg has also been awarded Finland Prize, a cultural acknowledgment for exceptional artistic achievement by putting Nordic nature in the spotlight and the unique culinary possibilities it has to offer. Sami is the only Finnish chef to achieve this precious award that highlights his depth of knowledge and passion to share his skills and wisdom with others.

He is one of the most well-known Nordic foragers, awarded and celebrated chefs that will take you on the wild side. Enjoy the ride — the ride that will change the rest of your life.

The special discounted opening price is valid until the end of June!

Highlights of the course:

Wild Herb Training Course

• Scandinavia's leading wild herb chef guiding you on this unique online course

• Comprehensive text material on every section and each module (Campwire platform)

• Over 50 exclusive and specific videos about different wild herbs, cooking methods, live foraging, and much more

• 20+ years of foraging and cooking experience condensed and decrypted into an understandable and hands-on online course

• You can begin the online course whenever you want – access to the materials also stays after the course

• New section opens up every two weeks

• Sami will be answering your questions on the course platform each week (on Tuesdays)

€97 (norm. €147)

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100% money-back guarantee: If you are not happy with the course within thirty days, you will be refunded the full amount.

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Disclaimer: This online course and its contents cannot be considered as treatment recommendations, nor does it serve as a medical treatment guide. Always discuss your treatment with your doctor or therapist (e.g. nutritionist, etc.) before starting any supplements or medicines. The content of the course is primarily intended as self-study material.