Optimized Work Life

A comprehensive 6-week program to optimize your energy, mood, and focus without compromising your health and wellbeing in times of turmoil when remote work is often the only option.

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Optimized Work LifeProgram

This comprehensive 6-week program provides lifestyle entrepreneurs, remote workers, office workers, managers, and leaders insights and practical tools for more results without losing the balance of what it means to be productive, healthy and happy.

Now in times of lock-downs, the real work and upgrade happen inside. The new year, new time and a new way of life need also upgrade, not only why but how we work. Therefore the solution we offer for you is our advice on how to upgrade yourself and your LIFE.

Learn everything you need to know to optimize your day in the guidance of top experts in optimal human performance and "biohacking" (as in optimizing your health & performance with data and science). Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of your biology and patterns of behavior to take your typical day to a new level. Learn techniques to improve your physical & mental performance, speed up recovery, prevent sickness, and get more done.

Proven strategies 

used by some of the top high-performers

Optimize human performance, health & wellbeing

Prevent excess stress, 

sick-leaves and loss of productivity

Optimized Work Life online program in a nutshell:

Optimized work life

• An intensive 6-week online course with daily videos, articles, links, and assignments to help you optimize your day from the moment when you 

wake up to the moment when you go to sleep

• 38 deep-diving videos on all the topics covered in the course

• Based on the most advanced human optimization science, technology 

and methods available today

• Receive access to a new module on different subjects on a daily basis

• In an easily digestible and understandable format that fits your schedule

• Begin the online course whenever you want – access to the materials 

also stays after the course

• In guidance of the authors of the Biohacker's Handbook: medical doctor Olli Sovijärvi and technology expert Teemu Arina

"This program was all we needed to go from what we thought was high-performance culture but was actually full of burnouts and sick-leaves to a truly sustainable & healthy high-performance culture."

Why a new approach to work



80% of workers suffer of low back pain
 at some point in their lives. Low back and neck pain are leading causes of disability. (The Lancet 2018)



Sleep deprivation impairs memory and cognitive performance. 23% of workers are affected by insomnia, losing 8 full workdays a year. (Sleep 2011)



44% of employees report feelings of burnout at work. 77% report regular physical symptoms and 73% psychological symptoms caused by stress. (Gallup 2018)



The average worker only spends 5-10% of the day in a very productive flow state. (HBR 2015)

These days, it’s more important than ever to be productive and focused at work. But at work we often face:

• Time pressure

• Mental distractions

• Emotional & physical stress

• Poor air quality & ergonomics
• Light & noise pollution

• Unhealthy diet

These often lead to:

• Sleeping issues

• Lack of motivation

• Lack of recovery

• Lack of energy

Our program provides simple and effective solutions to these and more.


Overview of the 6-week program:

SECTION 1: Orientation to Optimized Work Life

SECTION 2: Optimal Productivity & Ergonomics

Meaning, optimal performance and well-being at work. Self-assessment of status quo and personal goals. Introduction to optimal health & performance.

• Meaning of work

• Well-being at work

• Coping at work: questionnaire

• Optimal human performance & health

• What is biohacking?

Optimizing desk & work environment. Optimizing memory, concentration, flow, focus & decision making. Understanding habits, behavior, time & task management.

• Ergonomics

• Accessing the flow state

• Optimize memory & decision-making

• Optimize concentration & eliminate distractions

• Habits & behavior

• Task & time management

SECTION 3: Optimal Sleep & Recovery

SECTION 4: Optimal Stress Management

Optimizing bedroom & circadian rhythms. Implementing sleep tracking & understanding sleep quality. Performing optimal naps. Recovering from jet-lag.

• Optimize bedroom

• Sleep stages & sleep tracking

• Optimize circadian rhythms

• Optimize sleep quality

• Optimal naps

• Travel & jet-lag

Learning to measure stress. Foods & supplements for stress management. Playing with hormetic stressors such as cold & heat alteration. Learning mindfulness, breathing & meditation techniques.

• Many sources of stress – understanding stressors

• HPA-axis and the autonomic nervous system

• Stress and recovery measurement tools

• Adaptogenic herbs in stress management

• Supplements in stress management

• Hormetic stressors & hormesis

• Meditation, mindfulness & breathing techniques

SECTION 5: Optimal Nutrition & Energy Management

SECTION 6: Optimal Mobility & Movement

Nutritional strategies for better energy levels. Learning about blood sugar management. Dietary supplements for energy and focus. Optimal breakfast, lunch and snacks. Enhancing immunity and avoiding sickness.

• Optimal blood sugar management

• Optimal breakfast, lunch & snacks

• Intermittent fasting & ketosis

• Measuring and monitoring blood glucose levels

• Optimal immunity & health

• Nootropics & focus

Exercise and active breaks at the workplace and during travel. Activity tracking. Developing balance, mobility, coordination and improving brain health.

• Exercise at workplace

• Balance, mobility & coordination

• Movement and the brain

• Exercise while traveling

• Activity & movement tracking

• Testing for cardiovascular fitness and oxygen uptake

• Functional Movement Screen & Hand Grip Strength Test

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"To become a better version of yourself, you have to let go of the patterns that no longer serve you. This course is the best guide I've seen for optimizing remote, mobile and office work."

Learn the secrets to healthier & more productive work life

• Gain 10-30 more productive days per year by becoming extremely smart in the "how" you do things to have better focus, health, and performance.

• Enjoy more working from home, being at the office, and sitting in front of your computer and being your own boss without the risk of compromising your eyesight, metabolic health, body, and mind.

• Learn top health and performance optimization tactics and techniques from leading human performance researchers and practitioners who have concentrated two decades worth of award-winning literature review, self-experimentation, and self-quantification into one fully-loaded package.

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