The Biohacker's Brain Nutrition Guide e-book dives deep into brain nutrition, cognitive improvement, and disease prevention. Do you want to focus better at work, have more energy to try a new hobby, or just improve your mood? Or are you interested in protecting your brain in the long term? This guide will give you concrete step-by-step means to improve your overall brain health through diet and balancing the gut-brain-microbiota axis. 
The brain is the seed of your energy, emotions, and behavior. The potential to improve your mood, productivity and energy levels lies in the positive signals you feed your body and mind each day. Science has revealed general links between nutrition and brain function, outlined and deeply researched in this book.
Biohacker's Brain Nutrition Guide is written by a successful health author Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (MD) and neuropsychologist Inka Land (MSc).

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Biohacker’s Brain Nutrition Guide is based on more than 700 research sources and articles – mostly peer-review high-impact articles, reviews, and meta-analyses published over the past few years. This guide also gives you a great glimpse of the history of brain-enhancing foods used in many ancient cultures.

This over 160-page guide covers, among other things:

  • Gut, neurotransmitters, and the vagus nerve
  • The blood-brain barrier and nutrient transportation to the brain
  • Different types of brain food categories
  • Top 10 brain foods
  • Neuroprotective herbs & foods
  • Antidepressant foods
  • Essential micronutrients for brain health & cognitive functions
  • Five most important links between the brain and the gut
  • Brain immunity and protection
  • Cognitive enhancers 
  • Brain-protecting dietary habits such as intermittent fasting and calorie restriction 
  • Calorie restriction mimetics
  • Avoiding brain-power decreasing foods and chemicals




Dr. Olli Sovijärvi is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in Finland. He has worked at nearly 50 different clinics and ERs around Finland. Dr. Sovijärvi has also acted as a consultant to various companies and service providers operating in the fields of wellness and health technology. Between 2013–18, Dr. Sovijärvi practiced medicine at a private clinic that specializes in nutrition and holistic health care. At present, Sovijärvi focuses primarily on producing scientific content for preventive health care and wellbeing. He is a co-author of the Biohacker’s handbook and co-founder of the Biohacker Center. He also runs training sessions and presentations on biohacking, performance optimization, nutritional issues, and maintaining intestinal balance.

Dr. Olli Sovijärvi
Teemu Arina

INKA LAND (MSc neuropsychology)

Inka Land is a psychologist, DNA coach, TEDx speaker, author, and online educator. She helps people to improve their mental health and brain longevity through lifestyle and neurobiological approaches. Inka is also the co-founder of Biohacking Women, an educational movement and online course about health optimization for females. She is regularly speaking at conferences and appearing as a guest in podcasts. In her free time, she enjoys creating a health-optimized home, going to the gym, developing deliciously healthy recipes, listening to audiobooks, and improving her professional skills.


”Combining modern brain science and a unique understanding of the gut-brain axis based upon the ancestral wisdom of foods, herbs and spices, and the modern world of biohacking and nootropics, the Biohacker's Brain Nutrition Guide is one of the top new books on optimizing brain health, preventing neurodegenerative diseases, and improving cognitive performance. Read it, and your brain will thank you."

– Ben Greenfield, author, coach, speaker: BenGreenfieldLife.com

"Witnessing Olli & Inka write together this book has been an eye-opener to me: when you unite a neuropsychologist and a biohacking M.D., the result can only be astonishing! And so it is – this book has become the bible for my eating to optimize a highly demanding and brain-power-requiring job as a professional speaker and a serial entrepreneur. Ever since beginning incorporating the foods, supplements, nootropics, and habits presented in this book my productivity, health, and cognitive performance sky-rocketed."

– Teemu Arina, futurist, co-author of the Biohacker's Handbook

"Never before has there been such an all-encompassing guide on building a quality brain! The Biohacker Center provides well-versed and rigorously scientific information about optimizing your health and brain longevity. I highly recommended this book to anyone wanting to level up their game."

– Siim Land, author, speaker, high performance coach; Siimland.com 


• 162 pages

• 739 scientific references

• 52 high-quality pictures & tables

The Biohacker's Brain Nutrition Guide e-book combines scientific knowledge, cultural traditions, and advanced biochemical research into a well-written and complete guide to optimizing your brain's well-being via nutrition, gut-brain-microbiota axis hacking, and supplements, and changing your habits. 

File format: PDF / E-book

ISBN: 978-952-7241-44-8

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This guide presents the authors' personal experiences and recommendations based on them, combined with the information researched. However, this book and the experiences and research reviews presented in it should not be considered as treatment recommendations. Do not order or use any of the herbs or supplements mentioned in this book without first talking to your doctor. The content of the guide is intended as self-study material.