Unlock the Secrets of Optimal Gut Health

Get the knowledge and tools to identify and self-treat the most common gut-related problems.

Have you ever suffered from these?

• Unspecified gut issues or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

• Heartburn or flatulence

• Constipation, diarrhea, or stomach pains

• Sensitivity to foods, allergies, brain fog, or skin disorders

• Nervous stomach or other stomach-related problems

• SIBO, dyspepsia or diverticulosis

Don't worry, this e-book will help you fix those!

Become a Gut Master

Find the Perfect Balance for Your Intestines!

Introducing the Gut Mastery e-book, a comprehensive and efficient resource based on scientific principles to optimize your gut health. Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (M.D.) has expertly curated this unique e-book, following the Pareto principle, which focuses on the 20% of information that yields at least 80% of the desired results. You can now benefit from his extensive knowledge without undertaking the process yourself.

The Gut Mastery e-book will give you essential knowledge and practical tools to identify and address common gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, you will receive invaluable insights into prevalent anti-nutrients found in food, the intricate world of intestinal microbiota and microbiome, leaky gut syndrome, the normal functioning of the digestive system, and the impact of stress on gut health. Furthermore, you will develop a fundamental understanding of how gut health influences the brain and manifests in your skin condition.

Gut Mastery is designed for individuals seeking rapid, efficient, and lasting results; this future classic provides answers and guidance for achieving a harmonious balance in your gut and overall health. Regardless of your starting point or ultimate goal, the Gut Mastery e-book equips you with the tools necessary to attain optimal well-being.

    Gut Mastery E-book in a nutshell:

  • You will acquire the basic knowledge and tools to identify and self-treat the most common gut-related problems
  • Specific and detailed protocols for self-healing the most common gut issues, proved by science
  • 15+ years of clinical experience in treating gut patients put into a compact e-book
  • Reference manual for all things gut related
  • Suitable also for healthcare professionals, coaches and nutritionists 

Beautiful design & illustrations 

With this e-book, you will understand the importance of nutrition and lifestyle factors in the well-being of your gastrointestinal system and entire body. When the gut is in good overall balance, and the intestinal ecosystem is in great shape, the rest of the body can generally do well, maintaining good health and mental alertness.





Dr. Olli Sovijärvi


Dr. Olli Sovijärvi is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in Finland. He has worked at nearly 50 different clinics and ERs around Finland. Dr. Sovijärvi has also acted as a consultant to various companies and service providers in wellness and health technology. In 2010–2011, Dr. Sovijärvi obtained an Integral Theory degree at John F. Kennedy University, focusing on psychology and philosophy. Between 2013–18, Dr. Sovijärvi practiced medicine at a private clinic specializing in nutrition and holistic health care. Currently, Sovijärvi focuses primarily on producing scientific content for preventive health care and well-being. He is the head author of the Biohacker’s handbook and co-founder of the Biohacker Center. He also runs training sessions and presentations on biohacking, performance optimization, nutritional issues, and maintaining intestinal balance.

Content of the e-book



Typical gut-irritating foods, antinutrients & autoimmune protocol

• Remove or minimize antinutrients in your diet

• Milk – one of the most common foods causing gut problems

• Why do so many not tolerate modern grains?

• Autoimmune diet and autoimmune protocol (AIP)

Self-treatment of constipation & diarrhea and resetting the gut by fasting

• The most common reasons for constipation and its self-treatment 

• The most common reasons for diarrhea and its self-treatment

• Fasting and intermittent fasting – the key to ”resetting” the gut?



Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), FODMAP & diverticulosis

• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and fodmap 

• Fodmap carbohydrates and their restriction from the diet 

• Efficient IBS self-treatment

• Diverticulosis and how to recognize it

Microbiological balance of the intestines, yeast and SIBO

Gut microbiota and bacterial balance 

• Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) 

• Intestinal yeast overgrowth – "yeast syndrome"

• Follow these steps to eradicate yeast overgrowth in the intestines



Gastrointestinal optimization, probiotics, prebiotics and digestive aids

• Digestion and optimizing your digestive system

• Probiotics

• Prebiotics

• Optimizing gastric acid secretion in the stomach

• Dyspepsia gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

• Digestive enzymes and bile acids

Gut-brain axis, gut-skin axis, microbiota and microbiome, and the systemic effects of stress on gut function

• Gut-brain axis

• Increased gut permeability: The leaky gut syndrome

• Skin – The mirror of the intestines

• Stress and condition of the gut go hand-in-hand


Food intolerances & hypersensitivities, food allergies, histamine intolerance, and laboratory markers for quantifying these

• Food allergies

• Food intolerances & hypersensitivity

• Histamine intolerance

• Testing for food allergies and hypersensitivities/intolerances

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Start mastering your gut now!

Details about Gut Mastery:

  • 116 pages
  • 388 scientific references
  • 26 images & graphic illustrations
  • 10 complete gut-healing protocols for various ailments
  • Visual design, layout and illustrations: Paula Karjalainen, Lotta Viitaniemi
  • Studio critic: Dr. Sam Inkinen
  • Proofreading: Anne Bellot
  • ISBN: 643-005-6240-01-5
  • E-book format: PDF

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100% money-back guarantee: If you are not happy with the course within thirty days, you will be refunded the full amount.


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File format: PDF



I have read every gut book out there. How is this any different?

This book is not about any particular diet. It is all about managing an optimal micronutrient intake for your personal needs. Use this book to add the foods you need for your diet with the help of measuring nutrient levels in the blood.

Will I get specific supplement recommendations and protocols with this book? 

Yes! However, if you are uncertain how to proceed, we highly recommend consulting an expert (such as Dr. Sovijärvi) to help you even further.

I am a vegan/carnivore. Can I still buy this book?

Yes, most definitely you can! This book is not about a specific diet or one-size-fits-all protocol but generally improving your gut health with science-based and clinically tested methods.

I am generally very healthy and do not have any medications. Do I still benefit from this book?

Definitely! The book aims to help everyone balance their inner ecosystem, gut microbiota. Also, everyone can benefit from improving their digestion and making nutrient absorption even more effective than it already is.

Do you want to see the summary?

Download the free 21-page PDF summary of Gut Mastery below to get an idea of what will be covered in the e-book in detail:


NB! This online coaching service and the contents thereof should not be viewed as treatment recommendations, nor do they constitute a medical care guide. Always discuss medical treatment options with your primary care physician first before taking any supplements, remedies or other products. The Optimize Your Gut online course does not give medical recommendations or comment on matters involving individual medical care.